Specialized programs for graduates from law schools

Specialized programs for graduates from law schools

Attorney’s preparation programs

Professional lawyer programs

Lawyer of political entities Banking attorney at law
Corporate lawyer Tax attorney
Lawyer for oil and gas contracts Legal translation
An international commercial arbitrator Civil and commercial cases lawyer
Sports clubs lawyer Lawyer specializing in maritime law
The expert in inheritance Lawyer specializing in personal status issues
Forensic evidence expert In managing offices and law firms
contract drafting Preparing a professional lawyer
Business attorney at law International Arbitration


  • These programs allow holders of a bachelor’s degree in law to reduce time and effort, avoid professional mistakes, and gain practical experience from lawyers, judges, and academics specializing in the fields of legal work in courts, bodies, departments and legal divisions in government institutions.
  • The duration of the above programs ranges from 3-6 months, during which the trainee will receive a program that deals with both theoretical and practical aspects. Upon passing it, he/she will be able to practice law professionally.
  • The above training programs allow the trainee to obtain local, regional and international accreditations, which increases his/her chances of obtaining better job opportunities commensurate with the information he/she gained during the training period.
  • The above programs are intended for students of law and graduates from Iraqi universities, and are in full compliance with government laws, regulations and instructions.
  • The above programs save time and effort for the trainee, as he will gain great experience within a short period of time.
  • A modern professional training system that takes into account the actual practical needs of lawyers, jurists, and those with administrative specializations in the corporate field.
  • The trainee can choose the appropriate training method (realistic training inside or outside Iraq, or through distance learning, or a combination of the two systems).