Definition of the center

Seraj Al-Adalah for Training and Legal Development is one of the departments of Seraj Al-Adalah for Legal Services, which is already established and existing in the Republic of Iraq since 2016 and is registered in the Commercial Registry at the Iraqi Ministry of Trade. Seraj Al-Adalah Center is a center specialized in providing training and development services In the legal and judicial fields, accredited by the Iraqi Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs i.e. The center acquires its accreditation and correct legal status as belonging to a company registered with the state and works under its full supervision, which earns it credibility and accreditation in what it organizes and what it provides in scientific conferences, training programs, educational courses and practical workshops. The center prepares and implements training and human resource development courses in the judicial and diplomatic fields, political and administrative sciences. The center’s activity extends to include various functional and professional specializations and in various fields and governmental and non-governmental institutions. This includes training and development of higher departments, legal employees and lawyers working in public and private institutions. The center works through what it offers from training courses and workshops to preparing and qualifying recent graduates from colleges of law to be qualified to practice legal work in Iraqi courts of various kinds and specializations. The center also works on studying the training needs of various institutions, providing courses, workshops and training programs of various kinds, and also contributes to the field of educational services by seeking to raise the level of education by providing the latest technological and technical means, using modern educational technologies, adopting the necessary advanced and continuous curricula and study programs and preparing the necessary means for students and trainees to continue their scientific and academic studies while observing the laws and instructions in force. Seraj Al-Adalah Center has accreditations from national, regional and international institutions e.g. the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the International Justice Foundation, the MPL International Academy and the International Commercial Arbitration Center in Paris, the center includes a number of ambassadors, advisors, academics, lawyers, jurists, media professionals and faculty members in all fields and disciplines from various Iraqi, Arab and international universities. The center, through the International Justice Foundation, connected with the American Group for Accreditation and Education and other educational institutions that enabled the center to qualify those enrolled in its programs and training courses for membership in many Arab and international organizations and bodies, as well as equivalence of certificates for holders of them and obtaining various academic degrees (diploma / masters / doctorate / fellowship).